Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Among the many fascinating people that Tiffany and I have been blessed to befriend during our stay here on the island of Nantucket is a vibrant 82-year-old woman who happens to be a very successful international art dealer. Visiting her paradisiacal home on the outskirts of town for wine and cheese, we were treated to the grand tour of her lush property, which included a gallery of abstract art: giant steel beams she calls “cities,” jutting from her lawn along with another mass of twisted steel painted yellow and titled, “daffodil,“ and wild abstract paintings by various mad artists showcased on the walls of her home. “This is all such a blessing,” she shared, “I came to Nantucket thirty years ago with nothing. My story is amazing.” Indeed, her story is epic. From humble origins, she fled Poland before the war and married into a family of master artists. Her husband was not only a renowned lute player but also a fine artist in his own right. Into this artistic and highly intellectual culture, this young woman, who lacked any formal education, developed a keen eye for art and developed her own skills as a painter. Divorcing after several years, she left children behind to find opportunity in America with nothing more than a $1000 to her name. Here, she hustled briefly to sell artistic prints, had a love affair with a Baron and was introduced to affluent and influential people. She adored Nantucket and dreamed of establishing a gallery there. How, though, could a woman, a foreigner, without resources afford to build an art gallery on an island known as a playground for the old money elite? Most would think it an impossibility. Not this bold woman. With nothing to lose, she approached her upper class acquaintances with her plans for a gallery in Nantucket. “I was blessed to be in their company but they felt my passion for art,” she explained, “and they believed in me and in my dream. My passion and my perseverance overwhelmed and inspired them.” Certainly, there was great interest in funding her idea and several lined up to offer her a loan. But one woman in particular stepped up to change her life forever. “Why can’t I be the one?” this one woman asked. This was a woman who, in her own estimation, had lived a rather selfish life and wanted to redeem herself by performing at least one charitable deed before her time on earth passed. “I adore your passion and your dream. Why can’t I be the one to buy you the land on Nantucket for your gallery?” This was not a loan this woman was offering. It was a gift. The land was bought, the house and gallery built and the dream realized. For those who believe, who are certain of their purpose in life, dream passionately, persevere and stay the course of their dreamquest, the realization of their dreams is always one person, one moment, away. Whether your dream is to be an actor or an astronaut, build an art gallery or start your own small business, one person is all it takes, one who believes in you, in your dreams, who can change your life overnight, one who will step up boldly and ask, “Why can’t I be the one?” That one person, those people, the pivotal once in a lifetime moments, are written into the divine plan for our lives that we co-wrote with God before we were even born. With faith in this knowledge, we can, with patience and vigilance, better prepare ourselves for the transformative times that are most assuredly coming. Will we be ready? Will we recognize the opportunities? Will we be courageous enough to venture forth through the doors that open miraculously for us? It’s all a matter of the faith we place in the plan God has for us. Our spirits are born and made one within the light of God. We are light. As practitioners of the Seven Sacred Aspects (respect, humility, compassion, truth, unconditional love, wisdom), we recognize our divinity (collectively and individually) within this light. We are God’s most perfect creations: each forged with a purpose, on purpose, for a purpose - no one created by accident. Our divine origins assure us of our worth. We are worthy of love, being blessed, living a fulfilling life and having our dreams come true. It’s all in God’s plan, our stories (with all their alternative routes and endings) already written.

A gift from our special friend in Nantucket

Just as our divine plans provide us with the why can’t I be the one[s] who can change our lives overnight, it is also written that we step up for others and ask why can’t I be the one? So, then, why can’t you be the one? Why can’t you be the one that is blessed? Why can’t you be the one to bless another? Well, you can be. Expect the blessing today. Be the blessing today. Today, it is for you to step up and ask why can’t I be the one? Now, be the one!

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