Updated: Aug 27, 2019

On a recent windy morning, I happened upon a beach full of perfectly unbroken shells. They appeared as an iridescent mirage of pinks, lavenders, and blues and I was mesmerized by this endless blanket of layer upon layer of cool colors. I stood in awe of the ethereal backdrop of turquoise water and the crisp sun rising over the horizon. In that dreamlike moment I meditated on the power nature had to renew my spirit and bring me endless peace.

It seems sadly inevitable, though, that the initial awe we feel in seeing something so inspiring loses its luster over time if we see it continuously, as the miraculous is diminished to routine and our senses dulled to God's great mystery. Is this why we keep seeking and exploring? Must we strive to find solace in the road less traveled?

For myself, the beach is where I return daily for that very personal renewal of spirit, where I experience the joy of simple pleasures that only the water can offer me. Summer is right around the corner....enjoy its special beauty, then join Ghost Warrior Dreamquest in the fall for our exciting and inspirational workshops designed to to enrich your spirit and reawaken your soul to your own purpose within the great mystery.