Every dream pursued requires a leap of faith, a deep knowing that the voice you are heeding is a divine one and that it is leading you on the path to the very purpose of your life. Our dreams are the premise of our existence, the reasons why we are here, why we are alive. We all have a divine plan that we coauthored with the universe before we were ever born. We are all here in this life with a mission, a purpose to fulfill. Our dreams, our passions, those lives we wish we could live are messages from God, divine mandates directing us towards our destinies. Everyone has a dream and everyone is meant to live out those dreams. Still, just because the father tells the son to take out the trash on Mondays doesn't necessarily mean the son will fulfill his responsibility. We come to this life with a job to do - doesn't mean we're going to do it. Free will, the overwhelming voices of others, fear, guilt, doubt, lack of faith and self worth all play a part in whether we pursue the missions we were assigned in our lifetimes. While we all have dreams, very few of us ever live out the lives we were meant to live. Sadly, most people do not live out their dreams, they don't even try. Is it any wonder that so many of us, rich or poor, feel so unfulfilled? No matter our income, our achievements, our position in life - Dreams unfulfilled lead to unfulfilling lives. We all have a purpose in our lifetime, that purpose is divine and, for the sake of our own soul and the souls of others, it is our prime responsibility to fight for our dreams to come true. Fighting for our dreams requires that we have faith in that inner voice that tells us to leap; to ignore the negative voices, the critics that deter us from realizing our highest potential and who steer us instead toward a life of mediocrity - and make no mistake, a life in which we fail to fulfill our purpose and live in denial of our unhappiness is mediocre. Whatever your hurdle, whether it is shutting out the close friend or family member who, knowing better than anyone else your talents and your heart, tells you to "be practical and to play it safe" or overcoming the fear of quitting that "stable" job where the money is good but the personal reward of purpose and spiritual fulfillment is lacking, know today that the universe wants you to live out your dreams - that's why the universe put you here, that's why it puts the dream in your head and why you dream the dream in the first place. Today, take that leap of faith, hear your divine voice, listen for the calling, be true to who you are, remember your purpose for that purpose is found in your dreams and have faith that with good and loving intent, all obstacles will be overcome, you will be taken care of by God, and your dreams will come true.