Updated: Aug 26, 2019


November 1 - November 2, 2019

Nantucket Island, MA

“We are eternal.

On Earth, death comes for us only when our stories

are no longer shared among those who knew and loved us.

Only then do we truly die – when we are forgotten.”

(Pep Torres)

Honor your departed loved ones, share their stories, celebrate life and explore your own purpose in life while embracing Mexican culture and becoming immersed in the ancient traditions of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Join Pep Torres, near death experiencer and author of On The Outskirts of Heaven, as he shares inspirational insights into the Mexican philosophy of death and dying, the afterlife, the eternal nature of our souls and discovering purpose in loss through his art and storytelling. All guests who stay at Martin House Inn, Nantucket will receive a copy of Pep’s new illustrated book, We Are Warriors.

Pep Torres, Near Death Experiencer and author of On The Outskirts of Heaven,… “Signs that we are Eternal”

Activities include:

Presentations by Pep Torres on The History and Tradition of Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico.

Dia De Los Muertos Altar and Community Altar Ceremonies in which guests post pictures, display mementos of their loved ones and write loving messages to the departed.

Guided meditations as a tool to communicate with our departed loved ones.

Special Tastings of Dia De Los Muertos Remembrance Pan De Muerto (Mexican sweet bread) and authentic Mexican Champurrado (maize-based hot chocolate celebratory drink).

Community Circle in which guests have an opportunity to share stories of their departed loved ones.

Workshops in Altar Building, Sugar Skull Design and "Calavera" Poetry Traditions.

Special private one on one counseling available for those struggling with grief with Tiffany Fernandez (Certified Health and Life Therapist). Call direct @ 805-990-9183 for details.

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